Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ode to Paint Chips

Oh you enticing little flecks of color... you call to me like a siren's song... and I heed your call...

Ok enough cheesiness. I don't know why I love paint chips, but I do! I don't think I've ever been able to walk past a rack of paint chips without taking at least one card home... usually something from the teal blue family. Maybe its just my colorful personality trying to get me to represent it on my wall or something. Maybe they remind me of the times when I would go with my dad to home depot to get paint and supplies to work on the houses we rented out in Bakersfield and Visalia. I guess that is when my paint-chip-addiction began.

I always loved those trips. I thought it was great to get to spend time with my dad. We'd always go out to dinner and usually a movie and I liked that I got to do those things with my dad and my brother didn't... he probably didn't want to, but anything that I felt like I had one uped my bro on was worth while to me. Plus my dad would say I was his "little helper" and it made me feel useful... and he would pay me like 50 dollars or so for each weekend that I would help out and it felt soo cool to earn that money...especially since I felt like I really had earned it.

I liked to scrape wall paper off of the walls and wash the floors and make everything look clean... and I loved painting. I've alwasy found it really satisifying to get dirty and sweaty and work hard and then end up with a something new... or something old that was suddenly pretty again. I love having something to show for your work... something palpable. I don't get that much lately since I work a customer service job, although I do take some satisfaction in seeing all the paper work from the jobs that I've booked... but it's nothing like seeing a wall that I've just painted perfectly

... I guess that's why I love plants so much too... growing food is the ultimate accomplishment because you are helping to create something that is essential to life out nothing but a seed, soil and sunlight... plants amaze me! I am determined to some day subsist on my own garden. It would be so nice to seperate myself from all of the political and economic crap that ties in with buying groceries. It's annoying to have to scan through labels to make sure that they didn't somehow sneak a defenceless ground up calf or something into the spaghetti Os that I am buying...

I was at Safeway yesterday with my friend, Emily, and she spent like 10 minutes comparing pasta sauces 'cause they didn't have her usual flavor... I don't know what choice she finally made, but it wasn't exactly what she wanted... wouldn't it be so much better if we could all just make our own pasta sauce with all the things we want... and only the things we want... I can't wait to do that... I will be feasting on pasta topped with a jar of my home grown sauce this time next year... I better be...

I wish I coul have a couple chickens and a dairy cow too or maybe a goat ('cause it took me about 24 years to realize it but goat cheese kicks ass!!!) Unfortunately I dont think the "fairway park" section of Hayward is zoned for livestock... boo to that!

Anyway, it's almost my bed time... I started writing this blog entry thinking I was gonna write about how silly it is that I like paint chips and how they have crazy romance novel names for the colors, but now I've gone and gotten myself all nostalgic about working on houses with my dad and I'm all fired up about starting my garden. Woo hoo in like three days I can start ripping up concrete so that I can start on my soil!!!

I feel like after writing this though that nothing would be more fitting in the world than for me to paint at least one wall in our new house "gardening girl green"... in fact I think that just became my new favorite color... what a productive blog entry!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Happy Old Year

It's New Years Day which means, as is tradition, I'll probably watch the rose parade... for about 5 minutes and then switch to watching some cable channel that's having a movie marathon, but also, since it's new years why not make some New Years resolutions...but since resolutions are kind of a passive way of dwelling on things that you don't like about yourself and would like to change, I think I'll also make a list of accomplishments from last year that I am proud of lest I continue my steak of always writing negative things. So here I go...

I lost weight... I feel like its so shallow and such a cliche that the first thing I think of is weight loss(here I go with the whinging and downer stuff), but fuck it, I feel healthier since I've lost the weight, I think I look better and I've wanted to lose weight for a long ass time, and I'm doing a pretty damn good job of it I'd say (20 lbs in 2 months...), so as a result of all of that I feel more confident and for the most part I think I'm happier in general 'cause when I was eating a lot of crap I would get sugar lows and that obviously is not a good feeling. Now that I'm not eating so many sugary things I dont get those lows, plus I'm eating less which save me money on buying food, and I fit into some of my old clothes from high school and college which means I get to give my worn out fat me clothes a rest for a while and wear out some other stuff and that is nice too... so yeah weight loss is just an all around good thing.

I got promoted at work this year to office manager, and that has made working for Shamrock soo much more tolerable than it was when I was in the San Francisco dungeon and having management experience and working my way up in the company is going to look good on my resume. Plus I'm making more money and saving money since I dont have to ride the train. Plus Since I work close enough to my office I can ride my bike and I enjoy bike commuting... its good exercise and its actually an envigorating way to start the day.

I started an IRA account and put about $7,000.00 into it this year so someday when I'm old and stuff, if my stocks do well, then I can retire and not starve.

I helped Tony to get rid of his icky PT Cruiser and get a nice eco friendly Prius. So that made me happy 'cause that is good for the environment, It was also a nice thing that I could do for Tony... and on a selfish note I thought his old car was ugly as shit so it bothered me, and now I don't have to be bothered by having a boyfriend with an ugly car.

I made new friends... or at least Tony and I are laying the ground work for that. We met Shane and Victoria at Tony's friend's birthday party and we have hung out with them several times now and they are such nice and cool people and they seem to like us so it is very exciting to have new people to hang out with. Plus I also met Theresa this year and she is the best co worker I could have I think 'cause she is very sweet and nice and I think we have pretty similar personalities, so it's good to work with her.

I ran half a marathon... and hardly walked any of it... who the hell would have thought I could do that?... maybe someday I could even do a full one... I bet I could definately rock a triathalon... so yeah with the half marathon and the biking I'd say I have gotten back to doing athletic things this year and it feels good... except when I hear my knees grinding away... but hopefully glucosamine will take care of that.

I had a couple of perfect dentist check ups, and I actually went to the dentist twice in 2007... I can not rememmber the last time I went to the dentist twice in a year. My parents would be so proud.

I finally started following the news.... somewhat... I've always wanted to know what the hell was going on in the world, but like it's all like some weird ultra violent soap operah that is just hard to come into in the middle, but I've finally managed to jump in...or at least poke my toe in the water so that I have a vauge notion of some of the major conflicts and crisis and political things that are happening.

Uhm... yeah there are probably more good things about last year, but I want to move on to looking forward to next year 'cause nobody really likes to read long lists and not even I will probably want to look through this if I just let myself keep prattling on.

Ok, so next year I want to lose more weight (gotta get the cliches out of the way first). To be exact I would like to lose 20 more lbs so that I will weigh 125 lbs... and I want to keep that weight off... FOR EVER!

I want to save money and stick to a budget... I've decided that $24,980 would be a realistic amount for me to put aside as savings ( not including contributing $4,000 to my IRA.)

I want to finish a story... preferably the one I am working on about Kara and the Shadow guy thing, but any story would do... even a short story... I just want to write something that I can be really proud of... and possibly can publish... oh it would be so sweet to be able to sell a novel and take a year off of working or put a down payment on a house or something... ahh sweet lust for money, you do so drive me...

I want to learn more spanish, so I'll know when the guys at work are saying fucked up shit about me without having to have Theresa translate for me... stupid Roberto... I am way hotter than your dog wife.

I want to update my resume and continue my search for a more fulfilling job.

I want to take some sort of a class... like a creative writing class or a cooking class or both... I miss school. I miss learning and I miss having classmates.

I want to go ballroom dancing with Tony... or maybe not ball room exactly but I want him to take me somewhere where I can wear my prom dress and slow dance with him. I love my prom dress!

When I am at work this year I want to use my free time in a more productive way. Not necesarily more productive for Shamrock, but if not for them then for me... I want to work on writing stories or things like that while I'm there... reading news articles is good, but thats only about 20 min of my day.

I want to start doing daily writing exercises (I'm sure there is a website that can give daily tasks like: "write a paragraph about the color orange" or "listen in on someone's conversation and come up with a story to go with it". I want to spend at least half an hour a day writing.

I want to go camping in Big Sur.

and I want to win a real life poker game.

I want to make a new friend.

... and that is all I can think of for now, but it seems like a pretty fair amount of stuff to get started on.