Sunday, July 19, 2009

a party at our crib... and other randomness

Wow... it has been A WHILE since I've cranked out a blog entry... I hope I still know how. I used to always write these things while I was at work, but since they let go of my one and only co worker in the office just as we were starting to come into our busiest season of the year I have had more work than I can get done in 9 hours... which means I've had zero blogging time : ( I've worked an average of about 48 or 50 hours a week since they let Theresa go, so that has been kind of stressful... and being stressed out makes me feel less jovial... and it wouldn't be fitting of me to write an un-jolly "Jolly Jilly" entry... although looking back on the earlier entries there was a lot of Blah Jilly getting put out there. WHAT WAS I THINKING WITH THAT?

Anyway, It is a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm sitting in my gorgeous back yard amongst all of my tasty fragrant herbs and corn and other wonderful plants and I just feel happy and inspired so I thought I'd take a moment to record... the moment... ... ok, so that's done...that was nice. Hmm I don't have anything in particular to say other than that, so I suppose I shall ramble...

Last night Tony and I finally had a "house warming party" I don't know if it still counts as a house warming since we've lived here for almost a year, but we referred to it on the email we sent out as a "be lated house warming / poker game" and everyone who came brought us a gift (which was un expected and very appreciated) ... and also it was very hot yesterday and we don't have AC at our home so in a literal sense we did have a "warm house" which was made warmer by the additional body heat of our guests , so I guess it counts as a house warming.

Somehow Tony and I managed to entice 11 friends (including 3 kids) to show up at our house ! I couldn't believe it! We got more guests to come to a party at our house than Anushka did... (WOW... EVERY THING IS a competition with me huh...? )... it was a very good feeling.

Lately I've been feeling like a lame ass... only 2 people came to my birthday party that Tony organized a few weeks ago and I had texted Anushka's friend Marlin hoping that we could hang out and be friends and she didn't write back nor did she answer the last 2 emails I sent her so I guess I probably won't be friends with her, which is very disheartening... and Theresa isn't at work anymore so I spend most of my time alone in a quite office, so it gave me a very welcome bit of an ego boost that this many people were willing to pay a bridge toll to come and see us last night.

I am very grateful to feel like I finally am fitting into a group of friends here like I had in high school... and I have really missed having a "group" since high school ... Last night I felt like maybe I'm not as weird and lame as I had thought... Although I gotta say I am really awful at giving tours of our house... I just like open the door to each room and am like" this is the master bedroom" and this is the " guest room" etc etc. I'm pretty sure that's not how a tour is supposed to go... although I have no idea how it IS supposed to go, so maybe I was doing ok... I was trying to remember what they say on Cribs that makes the tours of houses seem so interesting... but I couldn't remember a damn bit of commentary from those shows... it's mostly about the sweet ass expensive houses and cars and amenities that all of the rappers and actors and whomever have... Actually no wait... what they do is they show a room and then they have the rapper or whatever say "this is my man cave this is where me and my boys hang out and watch our Blue Ray Videos on my giant movie sized screen..." So I guess they talk about something they do in the room... I should've been like "Yo' this is our guest room... this is where I go to watch episodes of Daria on my old Desk top computer from college. Back in the day I illegally downloaded every episode of that hysterically witty cartoon"... and this is the office this is where I take a trip to the past and watch VHS tapes and play scrabble on the computer and sometimes read... I like to think of it as my zen gallery"... damn where was this stuff last night when I needed it... I guess I'll have to bust out that shit next time I give a tour of our house to someone... oh oh and then they do that thing when the go from one room to another (on Cribs) and they like cock their head to one side and motion for you to follow and their like "Let's go check out my back yard with my infinity pool and view of the ocean"... the head cocking and come hither arm waive are essential. I've gotta work those into my tour... hmm who's the next person that will be here for the first time. I guess Michael... I think he would appreciate a cribs tour of our house...

Ok, well I can't think of a nice final thought to tie everything together from this entry, so I'll just say Jill + last night + this morning = Jolly.

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