Friday, June 19, 2009

Does Free Stuff Ever Get Old?

To answer the very poignant question I posed to myself in the title of this blog I would like to say very definitively: NO... FREE shit will never get old... at least not for me. In fact I love getting things for free so much, that even the thought of free things makes me all excited to the point where I can no longer do the work I am supposed to be doing. To exemplify this point I would like to take you back to about 3 minutes ago when I was taking a break from doing boring payroll stuff and reading an article Michael Ian Black wrote about Bonaroo... I got to the sentence " I definitely went apeshit on the free Butterfingers." ( - a very quick bonaroo update)... and my first thoughts were: obviously who wouldnt go apeshit Butterfingers are a very fine candy? ... a butterfingers sounds soo good right now... I think Butterfinger is one of those candies that I have kind of almost forgotten about, but I suddenly remember how great they are... so salty and crunchy and sweet and chocolaty... I think butterfinger has just become my favorite candybar... a butterfinger would be perfect right now, but once I got over my initial reacation to the aforementioned candy I was like... "WAIT DID HE SAY THEY WERE GIVING OUT FREE CANDY AT BONAROO ? ! ? ! I love free stuff... the only thing that can improve on the taste of choc late is Freeing it... yeah Free chocolate is the best !

Anyway, the point is, I was working on things for my actual job about 10 minutes or so ago and the thought of free food got me into such a frenzy that not only did I not go back to work, but I also stopped doing the non work activity that I had been doing (reading a blog) because I had an uncontrollable urge to express my love of Free things (food especially) to someone and right now I am the only one at my office...

After I read about the free butterfingers I was like huh, that's strange that Michael Ian Black would seem to be excited about FREE Butterfingers... He's an actor so I assume he has enough money to buy as many butterfingers as he wants, but his comment did seem to indicate that the fact that they were FREE led him to eat more butterfingers than he might normally, so I started to wonder if I was rich would I still get excited about FREE things? 'cause if not i feel like I would be robbing myself of a lot of joy in my life... but after a moment's pause I decided that if Michael Ian Black can still be thrilled by FREENESS, then I'm sure that I will always be thrilled by it too... although I don't exactly anticipate acquiring a fortune anytime soon so it's probably a moot point... but as I was thinking about whether or not FREE things in the future would thrill me I suddenly had a flashback of some of the free things I've gotten in the past... so here is a list of some of my favorites:

FREE scrubby loofah things from a spa in Palm Springs, FREE samples of cookies from Mrs. fields, FREE strawberry flavored lip gloss from a purchase on Black Friday at Victoria's secret, A second box of Rice cripsies with the purchase of 1 box of rice crispies, A FREE com gift card for filling out a survey about my Zune (which took about 1.5 hours... longest survey ever... but so worth it !!!!!), all the FREE giveaways that Tonys parents pass on to us from casinos in Vegas, Free breakfast at Ikea... That's all the recent stuff I can think of for now, but damn I feel like I've gotten a good haul lately. AWESOME. YAAaaaay FREEEEeeee !

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