Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Come on already

I am so sick of watching sappy movies where someone's lover dies in the end... it's been done some many times its not even particularly dramatic anymore. I have watched 2 movies in the last 2 days where the love interest bites it in the end and at this point I'm not even crying about it. I'm just annoyed.

Can't these stupid writers give me something new to think about... I get it death is sad and sad = good movie right? ... I mean sometimes yes, a sad movie is really good, but usually if I'm watching a movie I dont want to feel sad at the end. I'd like to rejoin the real world feeling happy and hopeful... Can't they just think of a different twist .... how about the character gets herpes. I've never seen a movie where someone gets herpes... that would be quite a twist... no one would see it coming... and hey, we might all learn a thing or two about treating a common VD... but no... nope everyone just wants their charcters to die so they can wrap up their little story with a nice pretty ribbon and say... THE END....

I have tried to write stories too... and I have a problem with endings... It is so simple to just say ... "and then he died". Clearly you know it is the end of the stroy and you don't h ave to think of anymore plot when you just stick a fork in your main character and say. "BAM you're done!" I would like to see writers challenge themselves more though... actually I will forgive a writer who kills a character half way through the movie (or book or whatever)... then you can see how people deal with shit and life goes on.... and I will forgive authors of true stories where someone dies... there really isn't much you can do about that... I mean I really wasn't happy when Prefontaine Died in the end of his movie, but that is what happened and the whole movie was about that one guy so I guess you had to stop there...

But the last two movies I've seen had the person die with less than 10 minutes left... and in the last scene time has passed and life has moved on and everyone is happy and you have no idea why. It's bullshit! LAME ! Untamed heart you could have been a pretty good movie, but no, you just had to go there so you are LAME and you're only getting 2 stars on netflix... geeze why do I keep writing all these bitter worked up blogs... oh well. I feel better now.

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