Sunday, February 22, 2009

The SweetTs

I don't have a band, so I'll throw this out there for any ladies who do... if you are looking for a band name I think a really good one would be "The SweetTs"... there are so many interesting possible meanings...

There is the obvious sweeties option as in oh what sweet hearts...

Then there is the good old southern "Sweet Tea" option... which has vastly expanded in popularity thanks to Mc Donalds serving it as of last summer (although due to Tony's roots I have been acquainted with sweet tea for several years now... he has deep southern roots, so I get to be an OG of sweet tea... oh yeah).

Also there is the possible "Sweet Tease" interpretation which I happen to like the best. Sweet tease in itself has so many deliciously sexy meanings... a sweet tease could be the sweet heart who likes to bait her pursuers with milk and cookies (or some other type of girl next door antics) in order to encourage the affection of her would be lovers, but then once they are all good and worked up and they think that they are going to get some from her she DE-nies them. Or it could also be the act of teasing as seen by some cat-like minx who simply enjoys teasing her pursuers but is not necessarily sweet to them as in "oh how delicious it is when I go in for the sweet tease and toy with my helpless victim! "

I really think the key thing when you are coming up with the name for a band is to make sure that there are as many possible interpretations for your name as possible... it just seems more artistic that way... and one of the meanings has to relate to sex in some way because sex sells.

Having different layers to your name also allows you to have a more versatility sound while still relating your music to your bands name... so if you have a sweet love song that is popular and someone hears it for the first time they'd be like "oh gosh darn it I love those sweeties. What dears they are!" , but if you have some sexy and or hardcore song the person would be like "Fuck yeah the Sweat Tease are so hot. I would love for that lead singer to tease me. YEAH!" Or if you are down South and you sing a jingle about a hot day the folks would all be like " I tell you what those sweat teas' are just as nice and refreshing as a glass of sweet tea... hmm I think wanna go get some sweet tea right now come to think of it... and also maybe some grits..."
Yet each of those people would all be talking about "the sweetTs", the worlds greatest girl band... hmm maybe I should copy right the name... if its available on go daddy I'm buying that domain name just to be safe... I think that's like the same as a copy right ... right?

Update... I now own ... now i just need to sit and wait for someone to read this blog, form a band, name it the sweetTs, and pay me tons of money for the domain name... wow, I guess I don't even have to be in a band to be a sell out... maybe I could manage the band once the contact me...I'm sure it can't be too hard to be a band manager... It's probably pretty easy to make a website too. I'll have to have Tony show me how to do that... then I can put a link from to this blog post... and it will be like Donnie Darko, where you are just led in circles... or maybe it's not like Donnie Darko at all... that movie was pretty confusing...

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