Friday, April 17, 2009

This one's for Carly... but not because it's her birthday... we're not thinking about that

One of my favorite days EVER was when Carly and I went to CLU one time in high school. I don't remember why the hell we decided to go there, but I think it had something to do with the fact that it was the summer and we wanted to take pictures. Maybe it was just because we both looked particularly cute that day (and we totally did ! I have photographic proof of that... which was awesomely double exposed over pictures of Carly's family in New York ... I love those pics. For the longest time they were the best looking pics of me in existence (thank you for your awesome photographic skills Carly! )... until I discovered what a difference tweezing your brows can make... Carly was super delicious in the pictures too by the way... maybe if I'm feeling ambitious I will scan them and put them with this blog entry... I wouldn't hold my breath for that though 'cause it would involve me remembering to bring them to work, then actually bringing them to work and then somehow making it look like I am doing actual work for my company while I scan them... maybe next time I work a Saturday I can do that. )

Wow, I just wrote the majority of that last paragraph in parentheses... I think I probably don't understand how to use Parentheses correctly... like that sentence that I just wrote... the one about using parentheses, (that probably should have been in parentheses).

So I actually don't remember exactly what we did that made CLU day so fantastic, but it was! I know it was a Carly and Jill day... or I guess it could have been a Jill and Carly day either way it would mean there was an exchange of awesome hand made cards... that in itself makes for a good day I think... OH and also I remember it was warm and I like being warm so that was nice, and as I mentioned earlier, Carly and I were looking hot, and I like that too! and I really enjoy taking pictures with friends (especially when everyone is looking hot) it's just fun ! I don't care if it makes me a poser or something, but I love posing for pictures... I don't do well with trying to look pretty or modelly or anything, but I think I can usually pull off a pretty kick ass silly face... and sometimes I feel kinda artistic and creative when I take pictures of other people or scenery and what have you, but based on looking through pictures I've taken compared to pictures other people have taken I've come to realize that I am not very great at photography... oh well..

Another fun thing Carly and I did at CLU was run through their fountain (and pose on it like mermaids), so that was fun 'cause we were being daring and mischievous ... and who doesn't love some good mischief... ; ) (<-winking face... I find it odd that I have suddenly started using winking faces when I write things 'cause I would never wink at someone in real life... I guess I throw out the occasional super over exaggerated wink where I scrunch up one entire side of my face and open my mouth really wide, but I don't think I can pull off a sexy wink... facial coordination [ or any kind of coordination for that matter] is not my thing).

Also on Carly and Jill/ CLU day Carly and I went in the student union and at the time I thought that was super bold of us. I remember thinking that we must have stood out so much when we were going into the student union and I was sure we were going to get yelled at or thrown out for not being CLU students or for being minors, but after having actually gone through college I realize now that no one really cares about that sort of thing... I think we had been looking for somewhere to buy ice cream or water or candy and food / water tend to be good motivators so I guess that is why we went ahead with it despite the whole being strangers in a strange land thing... i think we did end up finding some type of vending machine or snack stand, so I guess it was all worth it... anway that is my story about Carly and Jill day/that one time Carly and I went to CLU in high school... I am super awesome at remembering things and telling stories about those things huh?

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