Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blog Mission Statement

Well, here I am making another attempt to reignite the creative spark that I feel burning out inside of me... hmm ok well maybe I'm being a bit overly dramatic, but since I graduated college I have been writing less and reading books less than I ever have since I learned to write and read and that makes me sad. It is true that now that I am working 9 hours a day and commuting to work and whatnot, I have less free time than ever, but the use of the few hours of free time that I do have disappoints me. I mean sure, I feel pretty drained by the end of a work day, but what is my excuse for the weekends... and what about all the free time I have at work. I am at work for 9 hours, but only like 2-7 of those hours are actually required to get all of my work done. I would say I am better than every at solitaire, hearts and minesweeper, and I am like an encyclopedia of knowledge about celebrity goings on but I don't particularly consider any of those achievements something to be proud of. I mean I let myself off the hook by telling myself that this is just me adjusting to the foreign world of life after school, but I graduated in 2005, so by now I really should be getting on with things.

One thing that I am proud of myself for is that I have taken up reading news articles at work and often I will watch the news when I get home, so yay, it took 24 years, but I finally have a slight interest and a vague knowledge of what's going on in the world... perhaps I may grow to be a well informed, responsible citizen. YAY! Also I have little moments where I feel like I'm handling my life pretty well, I feel good about the fact that I have given up driving. Riding my bike to work keeps me fit, helps the good old environment out and saves me money, so kudos to me for the bike riding. I also do little things like recycle and conserve power when I can and I feel like I am a pretty green girl... although when I took an eco-footprint test I found out it would take like 3.2 earths to support the world population if they all had my lifestyle... its because I'm too much of a lactose lover and I fly home too much... but now that Tony has his Prius we are going to be all about driving, so take that nasty planet killing jet fuel! ... and maybe I can cut down on the chocolate and cheese... I really should I am sure Hershey's doesn't care how their cows are treated and I don't really research where my cheese comes from either... but that is the thing about addiction, when you're a junkie sometimes you just don't care about who you hurt... stupid stupid lactose addiction. Ok, so back to the subject of things that I do that DO NOT SUCK since I graduated college... Oh, I'm sure its totally lame, but I am so damn proud of myself when I make doctors appointments and go to the dentist and stuff like that... 'cause I really don't like that shit, but I take care of myself, and I think it rocks that I have health insurance that pays for most of it, health insurance is sooo grown up and cool. YAY for BLUE CROSS or BLUE SHIELD or whoever gives me health coverage, and YAY for SHAMROCK for offering me insurance. So yeah I pretty much don't depend on my parents and more which means that I am independent and that certainly is something to be proud of...

So yeah as far as my general lifestyle I am pretty happy with the way things are going, but the free time is all about TV... which makes me sad... but at least there are good things to watch, like pushing daises and Heroes and Weeds and things like. I mean I don't spend every second of my free time in front of a TV, I get crafty every once and a while and make things like candles and earrings... and I get enterprising sometimes and decide I'm going to start online businesses and then ultimately ditch those ideas, but yeah it gives me hope for my future for a brief moment when I'm dreaming up candle making kits to sell and Jammin Jam stands to run... but then when the reality of shipping and marketing and the fact that my product might not sell start to sink in it's annoying...

Anyway, the point that I started off trying to make is that I need to use my brain for bettering my life and the world MORE and use it as a super absorbant sponge for advertising and pop culture LESS... and so I shall blog.

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