Tuesday, November 6, 2007

passive agressive

The other day I was at a movie, (Dan in real life ... it was funny, I recomend it) and there was this obnoxious couple sitting next to me. They kept talking throughout the movie and moving around and were just basically the last people in the world that you would want to get stuck next to in a movie theatre.

Well, about half way through the movie, just when I thought they could not get any more annoying, the girlfriend, throws an icee at her boyfriend, and her boyfriend, who unlike me was watching his girlfriend and not the movie when this happened, ducked, and the icee kind of splattered across the left side of my body and oozed into my lap. so that sucked. I was already cold and now my pants were soaking up frozen blue goo and it also sucked because I was visiting my family in Arizona and we were going out to a fancy dinner the next night and I was wearing the only nice clothes that I had brought with me... which were now 50% more sugary...

So I think the reaction for a normal person, who found his or herself in the situation that I was in, would have been to get annoyed and tell the stupid bitch that threw the icy that she better be planning on paying my dry cleaning bill, or something along those lines... and of coarse in my head I was wishing bad things on the girl, but her boyfriend appologized profusely to me and chastized his grilfriend so I told him it was fine and not to worry. The girl never appologized, but she and her boyfriend left pretty soon after the incident.

I was definately annoyed about what had happened, but I figured that yelling at the girl was only going to make a bigger louder more annoying scene for everyone else who was trying to watch the movie, and they didn't need that. Also I didn't want to have to deal with whatever this young disrespectful girl would throw back at me if I said anything to her, so I made the decision to just sit there and not say anything to the little punk who threw her icy. I mean if it took blue icy rain to get the couple to leave and let me enjoy the movie, then I figured maybe it was worth it.

About 15 minutes passed though and I was still cold and damp and annoyed, so I lean over to my boyfriend Tony and whisper "I can't believe you made me sit next to them... you are the man in this relationship you should have sat on the other side of me so I could sit next to my brother and you could have been a barrier to the people I don't know"... so yeah I was pretty much taking it out on Tony, which wasn't fair, but that is how I operate...

Like I am scared to act angry towards people I don't know. Or people I don't know that well. I am worried about how they will react and if it is someone I only kinda know I am worried that they won't forgive me for being angry... Generally things genuinely don't bother me, but with Tony and people that I know love me, I am a lot more likely to get annoyed by small things than I am with strangers and even if I'm not really that annoyed if I feel like people who I know well are trying to dis me or something like that I might react to it just as a matter of priniciple... and it seems really backwards and stupid that I generally give strangers the benefit of the doubt, but with people who I should know don't really want to do anything to make me feel bad, I tend to jump to conclusion more suddenly. It sucks that I do that, and I think it's not really fair that I am biased against people I know more than people I don't, I just don't know if the answer is that I should be more agressive towards strangers or less aggressive towards people I know... It's probably a little of both. I mean with strangers I really don't know their circumstances and it is hardly ever going to do me any good to try to correct behavior that I see as a problem, but with people I do know it may save me from some future annoyance or whatver, so that is the reason why I act like I act. I think that there are certain things, like the Icy, that no one would appreciate though and I should try to do what I can to stop people from being asses, not that it will necessarily make a difference to that person, but it might make her realize next time she's about to throw an icy, that her boyfriend isn't the only one who might get drenched... and in regards to taking things out on other people, well I really just need to stop that... ok, well this blog has gotten really ranty and has become some weird inner dialogue, so i think I'm gonna stick a fork in it.

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