Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reel Big Fishing

So last weekend was Thanksgiving and since this is an odd numbered year, Tony and I were at home with my family (and I won't get to see my family at Christmas 'cause we'll be at Tony's parents ) .;

so anyway I'm not sure how it came up, but we were all sitting around talking about how adorable I was as a child and I was saying how I was so cute they used my picture on the cover of that section in my senior year book where all the parents put a baby pic of their kid and wrote something sweet about how wonderful their kid was, so my dad said he had no recollection of giving them a picture or having them write a message in my year book, so I brought the book down to show them and indeed I was an even cuter child than anyone had remembered.

Since I had my yearbook out, I started looking through it, and Tony wanted to see my senior picture, so I showed it to him and I was a little mebarassed when I saw my senior quote "I'm just a little tiny fish that's all i'll ever be - Reel Big Fish" I was kind of embarassed to think of how pesamistic and unconfident my quote was, and I started to think "what must everyone who read this think of me?" but yeah after a while I realized that was a pretty fitting quote for me at the time and if anything it's become even more fitting, but the difference is now, I don't really care. I don't really expect to ever be a big fish. When I had them put that quote below my picture, I still kinda thought it might become ironic one day when I was off winning gold medals in swimming and publish books and what not... now I'm just like it's so embarrasing that people would see that quote because i really will be a small fish forever.... oh and how embarassing that I was soooo into ska... oh well, everyone has their quirks when they're young.... who knows... maybe someday i will publish a book and win a triathalon or something and laugh about how i said that i was always going to be a little tiny fish.

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