Thursday, May 21, 2009

blink away stale ideas

Yesterday when I was riding home from work I kept having really amusing thoughts that I think would have been great blog entries... but I was RIDING MY BIKE in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE... so obviously I couldn't write the ideas down... I mean I suppose I could have pulled over to the side of the road and sat down and started writing my thoughts down... but writing by hand feels so slow now that I've been spoiled by having a key board pretty much chained to me for 10-12 hours out of every day, plus I'd look like a total weirdo / might also put myself in a less than safe position if I was just chillin' on the side of the road hunched over and writing...

Besides the inconvenience and uncoolness of taking writing breaks while I ride my bike, I also think its the blood and adrenaline that gets flowing through me when I'm riding or exercising or what have you that inspires all of the interesting thoughts that I'm having, so when I stop with the activity I think I tend to be a little less interesting and witty so by the time I do finally get to where I'm going my thoughts tend to be stale and less sharp.

Yesterday, for example, when I got home I did write my thoughts down but I had been trying to remember what I was thinking about that I thought was worth writing so I ended up spending first half of my ride home thinking all these interesting things to myself and wishing I could be blogging about them right then and there and then I spent the second half of my ride repeating a few reminder words over and over in my head so I wouldn't forget the general gist of what I had been thinking... so for half my ride there was no new brain activity going on and all of my adrenaline was being wasted.

To solve this dilemma, though, where I get my good ideas when I'm out and about 've decided I should buy one of those machines they use for people who are paralyzed and stuff where you can somehow hook something up to your eye lids and then dictate to your thoughts by blinking. That way I can keep the adrenaline and blood flowing to my brain whilst blogging. It would be awesome... too bad all the paralyzed folks are hoarding their technology ? Why aren't those blinking machines at Target next to the Ipods ? who wouldn't want to use of those things... I mean they must be a great way to write 'cause Stephen Hawking and a whole bunch of other paralyzed folks wrote entire best selling novels with them. I can't be the only one that wants to be able to impare my vision by typing things while I get around... drivers could use them too... it'd be the next great blue tooth device to put in your car... I mean sure I suppose all of this could be done via speaking into a headset or something like that also, but people always end up looking like they're crazy and talking to themselves with those blue tooth headsets... If you are riding around blinking a lot people would probably just assume you were having a stroke or a seizure and to me that seems like a more socially acceptable way to go.

So yeah, tech. companies need to start mass producing more of those blinking dictation things so folks like me can multitask better. GET ON THAT SMARTIES !

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