Friday, May 8, 2009

I started writing about being a dog and then somehow was reminded of Natalie Portman

People act like its the best thing in the world to be a human... WHAaa ? Really ? I think I'd much rather be a dog... I think that would allow me to be myself without having to worry about social stigma... I love being around people (just like dogs do... or maybe not all dogs... I guess I'm thinking of like a lab or a retriever or something). I also love to be petted and have other people brush my hair for me... It makes me feel tingly and relaxed at the same time when people do that for me... so yeah pretty much one of the all time best sensations in the world.

...If I was a dog it would not make me weird or insecure or lame that I want everyone to like me it would just make me a fantastic freakin' dog. I always admire people that don't care what people think about them... but that definately isn't me... I care way too much for my own good about what people think about me... but so do dogs. All they/ I wanna do is please you and make you happy, but when they do it's sweet and when I do it it's pathetic... what the hell is up with that. I can still be my own person and obsess about what others think about me... that's who I am yo !

Also I like working. Give me a sled and I would pull that shit (did I mention I like snow)... oh and also I like to play catch and wriggle around for no reason... I find most days at work I take a little extra me time in the bathroom once I've washed my hands and just make faces at myself in the mirror and shake my booty around... It feels good to let loose just 'cause I can... its annoying to have to be all tame and contained in the office all day: just sitting here in my chair with a blank expression typing away and filing things and being all normal. I've gotta let the crazy out behind closed doors 'cause I'm sure if I did my booty shakin or face makin' in the middle of the office Theresa would be really scared... as would I be if she did...but if I was a dog she'd think it was riddiculosly adorable... and she'd be right I can be pretty adorable when I flail !

Dogs, like me can be amused by the silliest little things... like when I see geses on my way to work... there is definately an impulse that grabs me to drop my bike and run at them... and if I ever caught them I would wanna hold them and cuddle them and pet them... if I were a dog I imagine I might wanna eat them, but if I was a dog that wanted to cuddle with gosslings that would just make me the cutest dog ever... so that's the dog I would be. The kind that cuddles with baby animals not the kind that bites their head off and shakes them around... speaking of dogs and baby geese (which remind me of baby chickens) I saw the funniest videos yesterday that made me really hope that Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones are BFFs in real life... if you watch these in order you will probably feel the same way...


So Basically after watching that and that rap that she did for SNL I've decided that Natalie Portman is pretty much the badest assed most likeable lady in the world.

there doesn't even need to be a voquation... Natlalie Portman = Awesomeness !!! Natalie Portman + a bee sting (still) = awesomeness !
Although I still think being a dog > being Natalie Portman

Anyway, I think this kinda sucked 'cause I kept having to answer phones at work and lost my momentum and train of though several times while I was writing this blog entry, none the less, I haven't posted anything for a while so I figure I oughtta just jump back on that posting to my blog pony and ride it... so that is what I have just done

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