Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love you iGoogle ; )

I am completely amazed when an artist is able to illustrate two totally different pictures within the same exact space. Or better still three...

How did anyone ever figure out how to encompass three faces in one simple picture ... every time I see that sort of optical illusion, MY MIND IS BLOWN!!!! I have tried many times to draw one of these multifaceted optical thingies, but my repeated failure has lead me to believe that perhaps you have to be able to draw well to begin with in order to become a successful illusionist. My attempts at optical illusions seem to all look like nothing in particular from one angle and then when you look at them from another angle they just look like crap.

Artists know how to trick the human brain into seeing something in detail while furnishing as little detail as possible. Those clever artistic bastards play on the mental weaknesses of their viewers to make them fill in the missing bits of an incomplete picture and we are left wondering if we have some weird perversion that makes us see dolphins when we are looking at a picture of people groping one another.

Anyway, Both of the above illusions come from the "optical illusion of the day gadget" on my igoogle home page. It's kind of sad how much my iGoogle home page is my window to the world... I think I may have written this in my blog before, but an alarming percentage of my conversations with people seem to begin with either " The other day on the morning show I listen to... " or they begin with a quote from something I read or saw on my iGoogle homepage:

Isn't is GLORIOUS?
... it is my source of news and weather, a reminder of upcoming events... Also, I've been known to try to work a Spanish word of the day into a conversation with Jose or quote an iGoogle quote of the day or joke of the day here and there (today's joke and quote of the day were pretty lame, so I'm not going to throw either of those down right now)... and recently on my iGoogle page Tony put up some GPS gadget that is linked to the GPS in his cell phone so I can see where he is at all times... HOORAY STALKER TECHNOLOGY! so with all of my sweet ass gadgets I pretty much get hours and hours of joy and entrainment from my iGoogle home page...At this point I can't even search things on the "classic google home" page anymore... It's just so boring: it's all white and empty like some pale sickly person with no imagination... SO LAME! I need my screen to be filled with art and optical illusions and all of my personalized crap if I'm going to bother to google things... if Google ever took away "iGoogle" I don't know if I could handle it... I would certainly cry and throw a temper tantrum at the very least...I LOVE YOU iGOOGLE LETS BE BFFS FOR LIFE!

oh, by the way, guess who finally figured out how to put pictures in her blog (after only having a blog for like 3 years)?!? ... That's right this girl right here:


Oh and speaking of having this blog for 3 years... I would like to take a moment to note that 2009 is now officially my most productive blogging year EVER... it didn't take much to make 2008 suck it, but 2007 can suck it now too 'cause I have now blogged more this year than I did in 07'... so I guess that means '09 just pretty much rules! Oh YEAH!

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