Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Weekend of Gambling and Bikalaciousness

Last weekend was the weekend of Gambling... On Friday night Tony and I went to a poker game at Shane and Vika's house and I was doing pretty good but was kinda tired and wanted to go to bed so I sold my chips off to other players for $37.00 and recouped nearly all of the $40.00 that Tony and I had bought in for... I'm not sure if Tony and I will be invited back for more poker games in the future though 'cause I'm pretty sure it was somewhat disruptive to the game for me to sell my chips 'cause I unloaded a bunch of them for under face value... what can I say though one thing that seems to instantly evaporate my respect for games and competitiveness is sleepiness... plus I knew we were going to Reno on Saturday so I wanted to make sure we had some cash on hand to lose in the "BIGGEST LITTLE CITY ON EARTH"(... that phrase is written and repeated by Reno-promoters all over Reno by the way...) even though there really doesn't seem to be anything big about Reno at all... I'm not complaining, I'm not a size queen or anything...but the down town area where the casinos and stuff are is only about 4 square blocks... OF CRAZY FUN!!!!

Tony and I had a jam packed 30 hour trip to Circus Circus in Reno / a Random snowy area on the side of the road on the way home from Reno (I think it was in Truckee).... and we managed to come home with $2.00 of Cash and about 6 new stuffed animal friends (and we didn't even have to get cash from an ATM to play with at any point.) I'm actually really proud of how thrifty we were with our spontaneous little vacation. The room was about $ 60.00 and we spent about $40.00 on dinner the night we got there and maybe $30.00 on Gas and lunch on the way up, but since I was expecting to lose our $40.00 in cash at the poker game the night before we left I don't even consider that a loss... plus we got to have a super cool winning moment at the first slot we played... it was a huge wheel of fortune slot with a wheel that is the size of the one they use on the TV show ... and we were actually up about $50.00 after about 5 minutes of playing, so that was pretty cool... Tony wanted to keep playing, but I had dreams of paying for our trip entirely with slot machine winnings... oh well... at least we lasted most of the trip before we ran out of cash.

Anyway, We made it home by 3:00 pm on Sunday (after stopping briefly to play in the snow and take lots of wintery looking pictures)...

and I had kind of told myself before I left work on Friday that if we won any money this weekend I would take that as justification to buy myself a new bike... and also Shane had given us a catalog of bikes on sale at "Performance Bike Shop" and there was a bike that he pointed out that was perfect for my commute and was on sale for $150.00 off... but the sale ended on Sunday at 6:00... so at about 4:30 I decided that the $ 0.15 voucher that Tony and I had brought home with us (so we could take a frowny face picture of our loseriness) counted as winning something over the weekend, so we headed off feeling fully justified in purchasing me a new bike... and so I did... and it is GLORIOUS!!! Her name is Sherpa and she is shiny and bluish and she has disc brakes and is sooooo much faster than my old bike.

I didn't even realize what a pile of shit my old bike (that I didn't bother to name because it was just another bike that i figured I would ride for a year or so until I finally busted the crank) was... but I LOVE SHERPA. She is the most magnificent vehicle I have ever owned and I am definitely going to take care of her so she has a long thriving life and we can ride many many miles together... I actually have shaved 15-20 minutes off of my commute by riding Sherpa... and I have gotten passed by other bikers way less... so that makes me feel less losery on my commute than usual. YAY! Now I totally wanna plan a time next year or something to try to ride to Socal or go on a long bike camping trip. I want to see the world with my little Sherpa... Ok, now I'm getting creepy, but yeah it makes such a difference to have a nice bike as opposed to a Costco, dumpster or early 1990s bike to ride!

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