Friday, March 13, 2009

The Shoevolution is coming... aren't you intrigued?

The other day I was riding my bike and my feet were FREEEZZZZing, as usual, and I had a brilliant idea for an invention... bike powered shoe heaters. I have no idea why they don't exist already... it must be because my genius ass didn't get around to thinking about it until a few days ago!

Here is the basic concept: There are already special shoes that attach themselves to your bike pedals and you already have to pay hella money for them so why not throw a heater into them. The power for the heater would come from kinetic energy produced as the wheels on your bike spin around and turn a tiny turbine via a magnet attached to the spokes of your bike and another magnet attached to the little turbine and then you just need to run wires from the turbine generator through the frame of the bike and have them charge a battery that would be in the bottom of the shoe. The battery would then power a little heat coil system in the shoes and voila toasty toes!!!

Since they already have lights for bikes that are powered using the energy from the revolving wheels on the bike and they already have batteries for hybrid cars that are charged in the same there's no reason why someone shouldn't put all this existing technology together and keep my feet warm during cold winter bike rides... and hell, I bet with a good enough design the shoes could hold a charge even after you are done riding. Thus I could have bike shoe heated feet all day long (provided I don't feel like a dork walking around in bike shoes all day and it's not uncomfortable to do so).

These shoes would save so much electricity ! With my self warming shoes I wouldn't have to use a space heater anymore and space heaters are total electricity hogs...but why stop at a heater... maybe you could pull the battery out of your shoe once you've arrived at your destination and use it to power your lap top, ipod or coffee maker as well... this invention could be the answer to the energy crisis... I may have just saved the world!!!

Now I just need to think of a name... my first instinct is to go with: "Magic Shoes", but I have a feeling the creators of Forest Gump may not be too keen on that... or maybe they would... the business world is all about synergy... or maybe I could call them :"shoevolution"... as in "spread the word, Global warming will be reversed: the shoevolution is coming" ... I think that would be a pretty good billboard campaign. (who isn't a sucker for those vague ad campaigns where you have to go home and google what you read to find out what they hell its about ? I know I am !!! I think Forgetting Sarah Marshall had a pretty good campaign like that. I only saw a couple billboards for that movie and they just said things like "My mom always hated you Sarah Marshall,” and “You do look fat in those jeans Sarah Marshall." and it seemed conceivable to me that this was just a personal vendetta some guy had against his ex since I didn't know yet that Sarah Marshall was actually a character in a movie... I seriously considered seeing that film in theatres solely based on the genius billboard campaign... but then the price of movie tickets scared me away so I waited for netflix... it was  pretty good though... anyway, that is the kind of ad campaign I'm gonna go with for the shoe heaters... they are going to be the biggest thing since Heeleys! You just wait!!!

...damn I googled shoevolution and it seems to already exist... I wonder if Shoeloution (Shoe/ solution ?) is as powerful... or maybe just something like "Volt" ?

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